The barn fridge and freezer – necessities and luxuries that you need to store


You can do the basics, or you can go overboard, or you can land somewhere in the middle with what you keep in the barn fridge and freezer.


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  • Meds for emergencies – be sure to check the temperature range for ideal storage. These might include bute, banamine, ace, and perhaps a few others. Your vet can help you determine the best locations for the storage of different medications.


  • Ice for routine care and emergencies. Ice helps reduce pain, takes swelling and inflammation away, and can help support the healing of injuries.



ice cream and ice packs inside a barn freezer

Ice Cream = Bonus


  • But here’s the kicker – if you store meds and stuff in the fridge, it’s IDEAL if there is no other food or drink in the fridge with it. This is especially true if you store hormonal meds for mares, as this can create much chaos if it ends up on or in a person. Even meds that are bagged can still end up with residue on the bag. You will have to decide if you want to risk storing meds and food in the same space.


inside a horse barn fridge

Keep yourself hydrated, too!

Kick it up a notch:


  • Sunscreen – keep it chilly so it cuts the heat as you re-apply throughout the day


  • Carrots and treats – For horses and barn dogs


  • Filtered water pitcher – you can refill your water bottles instead of going through all of that plastic!


  • Fresh eggs from the hen house if you have them.


  • The barn cat’s food to keep the critters away.



sunscreen in fridge

Human sunscreen and lotions are nice in the fridge for hot days.



  • Popsicles! A must for every self-respecting barn.


  • Water bottles for super hot days – freeze ‘em for super hot days, they stay cold longer.


  • Wet washcloths – in the fridge or freezer they make a nice wipe for your neck and face in summer heat madness.



horse ice boots and popsicles in a freezer

It contains the necessary popsicles.


Tips for keeping the barn fridge and freezer in tip-top shape:


  • Regularly check expiration dates of medications and food.


  • Wipe out the fridge and freezer as needed.


  • Vacuum behind and underneath – keeps the dust and spiders away. The horse vac does wonders here, but a broom or long-handled duster can help, too.


  • Make sure the cord stays free from critter chew marks.


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