10 things I have taken from home to use at the barn!


I’m not going to lie, there are times when I know I need something at the barn, so I’ll just take it from home. I have the BEST intentions to return/replace, but you know how that goes! And sometimes it’s more of an upcycle thing and not a true “borrow”. And by borrow, I really mean steal.


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sunscreen tea tree oil

All drug store types of items. Super convenient.


So, if you are ever at my home and you need these things, I don’t have them anymore.


  • Liquid bandage. I discovered this gem of a first aid kit item after a hiking fail during which I grew the loveliest blister. For horses, it’s nice if you have a scratch that is covered by tack, as the coating will keep things safe from rubs. However, if there’s even a remote chance that a wound is a puncture, don’t use it.


  • Sunscreen. Two uses for me at the barn – the horse’s pink nose, and my own self as I usually forget to apply at home before I head out. I prefer the super thick baby versions that are about 846% zinc oxide. This makes them super SPF and thick and long-lasting.


  • Leaf rake. And really some other gardening tools, too. These are good for making barn aisles pretty and gathering up shavings and poops and leaves and things that float around paddocks. Depending on what type of shavings you use, the leaf rake can also quickly smooth out stalls and distribute bedding fast.


  • Duct tape. Because it actually holds the horse universe together. My favorite types now come in exciting colors, because why not.


  • Parmesan cheese dispensers. This is the best tip from a wonderful reader! Instead of tossing, clean the container and use it as a treat dispenser. Anytime you can upcycle something is great, and anytime you can keep treats away from rodents and bugs is good, too.


  • Washcloths. It’s safe to say that I use washcloths at the barn more than at home. For noses, tack cleaning, sweat wiping, stain removal, tack room dusting. I’m sure there are more! I have a lovely collection including many colors, textures, and thicknesses. You can never be too prepared?


washcloths and epsom salts

It appears I have “borrowed” some microfiber cloths, too. OOPS.


  • Vice grips. Because honestly, I have used them ZERO times at home and many times at the barn. Mostly to move stall mats. From stalls, and also from the trailer. I feel a bit bionic, actually, when I use them.


  • Tea Tree Oil. But only the kind my Veterinarian suggested. And I’ve been using it on a case of white line disease with good results! She has also suggested using it on minor skin scrapes. BUT – some horses have a bad reaction. Some horses also dislike the smell, in which case, don’t use it!


  • Body glide. This is another hiking hack that I found has many nice uses at the barn, too! I had mainly used it blister-prone areas when hiking. Now I have a stick of body glide, sometimes called a friction blocker, at the barn too. For new riding boots, for your horse’s shoulders to prevent blanket rubs, for your forehead under a helmet, loads of uses. Anyplace that can be rubbed hairless and/or raw needs some body glide.


gold bond friction

Enter a blister, rub, and sore-free life with this genius (and inexpensive) tube.


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