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Organization tips for your horse’s stuff!

  • While tack trunks are definitely traditional, there are so many other ways to store your horse’s things at the barn that might make your life a bit easier.

Some ideas for upcycling things:


  • Reuse blanket bags for long-term storage of things you rarely use. This could be blankets, quilts, saddle pads, coolers, etc. It’s just nice to keep them dust-free and contained.


inside a tack trunk

Horse boots and blankets often come in handy and tough bags that can be used again.


  • Reuse smaller bags for smaller items, like polo wraps or standing bandages.


  • Supplement tubs are handy for tons of things and come in so many sizes that you have lots of options. You can easily tidy up a wash rack by stashing your shampoos and scrapers and things in a former supplement tub. Pro tip – drill a hole for drainage, as any wash rack will have some water land in your bucket.


two supplement tubs that can be reused

Big bulk supplement containers are great for grooming supplies or shampoo bottles. Smaller ones are great for treats or braiding kits or a collection of something.


Go vertical to organize your horse’s stuff. There are tons of ways to do this!


  • For little things, like spur straps, pens, band-aids, miscellaneous things, a small set of drawers is ideal. Much easier to sort through a few drawers than the bottom of your tack trunk.


Drawers for little things prevent dust from getting into things. So do cabinet doors.


  • For larger things, you can get cabinets. I prefer cabinets, for privacy and for dust prevention. This can also keep critters and rodents out of your things. Store frequently used items in the middle, heavy things on the bottom, and less frequently used things up top.


  • Having a shelf that’s just below the ceiling gives you a few options. Infrequently used things can hang out on the shelves. You can also have hooks below the shelves for bridle cleaning, storage, etc.



Muck out and organize your stuff frequently! Especially the Vet Kit.


  • If you travel with your horse a lot and want an easy tack trunk to take with you, opt for one with wheels. Moving these heavy beasts is now easy there’s also a pull-out handle to wheel this tack trunk along.



two black tack trunks with wheels

This is my favorite style of tack trunk. WHEELS! And a handy pull-out handle.


  • Also, have a regular cleaning and tossing session of your horse’s tack and stuff. If you haven’t used something in a few years, chances are you won’t be using it. Or offer it to someone who would use it, donate it, or just toss it.


Then bust out the label maker for the ultimate organization!


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