Is your horse’s barn ready for summer?


Lots of chores to do to get the horse barn ready for warmer weather. Get the big chores out of the way before it’s too hot.


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  • Now is the time to make sure your automatic fly system is working well. Depending on your climate, you may have turned it off. When you turn your horse fly system back on, be sure to check all nozzles for proper working and check the barrel for supply! A routine service call may be needed.


dusty stall fans to be cleaned with a blower


  • It’s also the time to inspect/clean/test your fans. If you have a vacuum in the barn, these can help with getting the dust from the fan and the blades, or you can use a blower to blast away dust from the fans. Go outside for that option.


  • While you are up there in the rafters hanging fans, inspect the wiring, too. Ideally, it’s all encased in metal tubing so critters can’t get to it. Invest in an electrician if you are unsure of the condition of the wiring in the barn.


safe electrical wiring inside a barn

Enclose all wires in metal conduit!


  • Check the gutters. And probably clean them, too.


  • To continue with the chores that involve ladders, check out the roof, too.


  • Is your horse trailer ready to leave at any moment? Is it time to take the trailer in for service? Could you leave quickly in an emergency if you needed to?


  • Do you need to work on drainage around the farm? Summer can bring giant storms that can create mud as far as the eye can see! If you fall and winter was muddy and wet, work on repairing those areas so they can handle summer storms.


  • Check the fire extinguishers that you have, and buy some if you don’t have any. Some models can be charged.


fire extinguisher at the barn

Are your fire extinguishers charged?


  • Speaking of fire type topics, does your local fire department know how to access your property? Invite them over to make sure they know how to negotiate your driveway, parking areas, etc.


  • Do you have natural disaster plans in place? Hurricanes, tornadoes, severe storms, etc. often create a necessity for evacuation – do you have places to go in each direction?


  • How is your first aid kit? Time to stock up, get rid of the expired stuff and check the Vet kit while you are at it.


What other barn chores help you get ready for summer?


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