Baling twine and all of its uses around the barn!


Bailing twine is one of those things that is right up there with Duct Tape and Luck. Can never have enough, and never know when you’ll need it. Some of the uses that you guys have shared with me are:


  • Breakaway loop for cross ties, at the trailer, at the hitching post


  • Tie-down “stuff” in the back of your pickup truck


  • Craft projects – wreaths!


  • Use a ball of them to make a bucket scrubbing ball


baling twine on a cross tie ring


  • Emergency blanket repair


  • Belt to keep your own pants up


  • Tie the bumper back on your car


  • Braided lead ropes


  • String some twine across a corner for a drying rack for pads and boots


  • Emergency hair tie (for you!)


  • Spur straps


baling twine spurs

Photo courtesy of Alex F. – great idea!


  • Strapping almost anything to almost anything else


  • Marking locations for dressage letters on the fence


  • Securing tarps over hay


  • Temporary dog leash


  • Hanging salt rocks


  • Secure your hammock at the show, in your trailer or tack stall


  • Sweat scraper – great on bony parts!


  • Replacement for a busted shoelace


pile of orange baling twine


What’s your best use for baling twine?