Some podcast episodes I have guested on!

The podcast episodes below are all from the Horse Radio Network!

Episode 5 – Green Horse Salads and Summertime Horse Grooming


Let’s deep dive into pastures for horses – care, mowing, rotation, worm control, sugars, cool and warm season grasses, and more. Your horse grooming questions answered about skin issues in summer -sunburn, photosensitivity, bacterial infections. Horse bath hacks included, too!





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Things that we talk about on this episode:


Equiscience: Trojan horse tactic gives parasites edge over immune systems



Cool vs. Warm Season Grasses


Pasture Management


Benefits of muzzles besides a diet!


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Episode 4 – From Mouth to Feet to Poop


We chat more about helping your horse stay slim and away from hoof issues, more laminitis info, we dig into what’s real about research and the bunk you should watch out for, and we tackle all things horse poop – from compost, to fecal egg counts, to “reading” your horse’s manure, to removing poop stains and what to do about horses that use their poop as a pillow. It’s quite poop-tastic.



Guest: Fran Jurga from the Hoof Blog


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​​​​​​​Stuff we talk about on this episode:


Compost Basics


Fecal Egg Counts


Read Your Horse’s Manure




Laminitis & Weight Gain

Manure Stain Removal on Your Horse





Episode 3 – Hooves and Hair


Add some super handy tidbits of hoof knowledge to your horse care toolbox as we tackle laminitis. Listen to a renowned Laminitis expert teach you how to help prevent this crippling disease. And then we switch gears to talk about how you can better deal with shedding season. No lipgloss. And science things about being a weekend warrior. And lots of giveaways and offers! Listen in…



Guest – Dr. Orsini from the New Bolton Center

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Interesting links from the show:


  • How to find your horse’s digital pulse, a handy video! That may, or may not be, me in the video. But it is me.






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Episode 2 – Move Around


We dig into the history of horsemanship, ponies as pasture eating lawnmowers, grazing muzzles, and the differences between turn out and exercise as it relates to our own fitness! Also, I answer your horse grooming questions about grooming tools and brushes and cross tie set ups.



  • Link to Sound File for Sight Impaired: Click Here






Episode 1 – Fire and Ice


We tackle some barn management and horse grooming questions! We talk about barn fire safety and prevention, horse hydration and drinking habits, getting balanced in your fitness routine, solving wintertime horse grooming issues, and even mouse frittatas. You may, or may not, gag at that part.


  • Link to Sound File for Sight Impaired: Click Here


  • The podcast crew: Me, Liv, from; Coach Jenn: producer, Chaos Control Officer



  • Guest: Kevin Richards – Talking about fire safety around barns and horses!