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scissors to trim the sides of the tail

Tidy Up Your Horse’s Tail Top

  Trim your horse’s tail top without clippers!   Tidying the tail top is an excellent way of grooming for those horse owners who want a tidy picture from behind, but without using clippers or a tail-pulling technique to get there. Using clippers to trim the top of a tail can go sideways fast, but

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itchy horse tail rubbed hair

Tail Rubbing in Horses

  What to do about tail rubbing   Tail rubbing is one of those grooming “things” that has multiple causes – so try and narrow it down before you start addressing the possible causes. Don’t wait too long; the rubbing can get out of hand and cause painful and itchy sores on the tail, not

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wide braids on a horse mane

Mane Taming Tips

  Tips for Mane Taming    An unruly mane is not unhealthy for your horse, but it can be annoying to look at while riding. Manes that rest on both sides of your horse’s neck can be trained to rest flat on their neck. Sometimes. Generally, a thinner mane is easier to tame than a

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dark horse with a banged tail

Bang Your Horse’s Tail

  How to bang your horse’s tail     These police horses’ tails are all banged.   There are plenty of reasons why tails can look chopped up and untidy….luckily it’s a very easy fix! Bang that tail for a tidy look.   jump to shopping   Tails can get stepped on, chewed on, caught

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