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How is your horse industry resume?


You never know when your dream job comes along!! So, once again, we are super lucky to have Marcia Hancock from the Job Search Advisor come to our rescue and give us some great resume guidelines. (I’ll also remind you that Marcia is SUPER about responding to your questions and comments, so please feel free to ask away in the comment section below!)


Marcia shares her TOP SIX RESUME TIPS


A Story! Is This You?


Writing a resume is one of the least favorite yet necessary tasks for horse industry professionals. A friend and equestrian recently shared with me ‘I know I need to write my resume, bring it current, but I just dread doing this! I notice many projects that interest me, but because a current resume is required to be considered, I just do not apply!’

So many missed opportunities!


Why You Need a Resume!


You never know what life is going to throw at you and it is always best to be prepared! You do not want to miss out on any golden opportunities like my horse industry friend who has neglected her resume. Many equine professionals do not have current resumes or CVs, or at the very least need an update to an existing resume.


Think of a resume as a living document: it evolves as you grow in your life, career and job.


A resume is a tool to help you assess your current likes and dislikes, to know what it is you want from life, your job or career. Creating a resume keeps you focused! Helps you identify the skills you need to move forward, to identify the qualifications you need to make it all happen!




Tip #1

Focus on what you will bring to the job, and can offer an employer, not what you expect or want.

Answer the question, ‘What are you most proud of?’ How did you make a difference at the barn? For your horses? For your co-workers?


Tip #2

Be professional but not reserved or aloof. Remember your audience: horse industry professionals are not usually formal.

Be approachable without being forward; avoid being too casual.

Write like you are engaged in a conversation with the reader. Be personable.


Tip #3

‘So What?!’

Answer this question with your Accomplishments/Benchmarks statements.

What were the results? How did you make a difference? How did you influence others?

Example: You identified early stages of a contagious illness during routine grooming, resulting in early detection measures and preventing the spread to other horses.


Tip #4

‘Keep it Simple’ and to the point.

Be focused. Do not be too wordy or go off topic. Keep your message clear.


groom holding horse for the rider at an in gate


Tip #5

Avoid a ‘Tell All’ Resume

The purpose of a resume is to peek the reader’s interest, to make them want to learn more about you, to interview and meet you. Do not reveal everything task you did in every job.


Tip #6

A resume is an investment in your future. The value of a good resume is limitless.

Ask for professional help when you need it.


Thanks so much, Marcia for your insights!! You can learn more about Marcia at her website, the Job Search Advisor, and you can also follow her on Facebook here!