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You’ve dedicated time and effort to perfecting your skills for the rally, horse show, or clinic, but is your grooming regimen up to par to captivate the judge’s attention with amazing horse show shine? Presenting a meticulously groomed and well-trimmed horse with a glossy, shiny coat on any special occasion not only demonstrates reverence for your equine companion but also showcases your commitment to the sport. Below are some straightforward steps to make your horse’s coat glossy and shiny. It starts with your horse’s feeding routine, then you can groom for shine, then add hair polish and all sorts of grooming products.


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shiny black horse on grass with green background


Enhancing Shine through Nutrition


  • Ensure your horse’s diet is well-balanced and primarily forage-based. Grass and legume hays offer essential fiber, calories, and ample chewing time, especially when administered through slow feeders. Additionally, if your horse can access pasture grass, it can provide more comprehensive nutrition than hay alone. This might be seasonal, as winter grass laying dormant might have depleted nutrients.


  • Supplementation might be necessary to address any nutritional gaps in a forage-based diet. Factors such as nutrient depletion in the hay, like the gradual loss of Vitamin E after hay harvest, or deficiencies in the soil where the hay is cultivated can warrant supplement intervention. There are parts of the country where selenium is missing from the soil, and a supplement is best, and other areas where adding a selenium supplement gives your horse too much.


  • Moreover, horses with specific medical conditions or past injuries may benefit from additional nutrients. For instance, probiotics and hindgut buffers are advantageous for horses dealing with ulcers, previous colics, or digestive issues, while biotin-enriched diets can aid in fortifying brittle hooves.


flax for horses Thank you!

Cold-milled flax is a great Omega-3 source



Omega-3’s for skin and coat health


  • When aiming for a lustrous coat and overall bloom, consider incorporating Omega-3 fatty acids into your horse’s diet to promote skin and coat health. Although pasture is a natural source of these fatty acids, supplements can be beneficial, especially when pasture access is limited or seasonal. Additionally, Omega-3 fatty acids offer anti-inflammatory properties that contribute to your horse’s overall well-being in their entire body.


  • It’s also a good idea to work with an equine nutritionist whose specialty in the horse world is nutrition and creating balanced diets. Proper nutrition is vital, and sometimes quite difficult to formulate. Your veterinarian is also a good source of information about nutrition and what nutrients support your horse’s medical conditions.


Read more about flax for horses here



shiny bay horse tied for grooming

Diet, elbow grease, and products for the shine!


Daily Grooming Rituals for Enhanced Luster


Groom for shine with the curry comb or grooming gloves


  • Employing a curry comb is instrumental in enhancing your horse’s coat and shine and should be part of regular grooming. Sebaceous glands present in your horse’s skin secrete sebum, a natural oil that lends a glossy sheen to their coat. This oil not only fosters shine but also harbors antimicrobial properties that bolster skin health and resilience against topical infections. Furthermore, during rainfall, sebum functions as a natural waterproofing agent for your horse.


  • The more diligently you curry in a circular motion, the more effectively you distribute protective oils across your horse’s coat while dislodging dirt and debris. Curry combing also doubles as a therapeutic massage, benefiting your horse’s hard-working muscles.


  • While currying, you may encounter patches of mud, stubborn dust, or stains. In such instances, opt for a no-rinse shampoo or spot and stain removers to facilitate the cleaning process. Following currying, apply the spot cleaner to the affected areas, allowing it to marinate while you groom the rest of your horse. Then, utilize a dry or slightly damp cloth to eliminate the stains, leaving your horse pristine. If you use too much water on your cloth, you may end up with a foamy mess, which is easily remedied by wiping with a dry cloth.


Read more about removing stains here


Spot removers for stains


  • Spot removers are amazing on white markings and create overall shine by lifting dust. As a bonus, they bust up static. For all gray or white horses, the added shine helps them repel future stains, too.


  • Furthermore, the utilization of dandy, hard, and soft brushes aids in evenly distributing sebum throughout your horse’s coat. Finishing brushes, characterized by their short and dense bristles, serve to smoothen freshly groomed hair, further enhancing its lustrous appeal.


  • However, meticulous grooming efforts can be futile if you neglect the cleanliness of your grooming tools. Regular maintenance and cleaning of your grooming equipment are imperative for ensuring a glossy finish.





Achieving Optimal Shine


Preparing your horse for a show entails a comprehensive grooming regimen, including bathing, trimming, and applying finishing touches.


Bathing – pick a shine-boosting shampoo


  • Initiate the grooming process with a thorough bath, seizing the opportunity to amplify shine. Opt for mild yet effective shampoos that not only cleanse but also augment your horse’s natural oils. It’s crucial to select shampoos formulated to enhance shine while preserving the skin’s moisture balance.


  • For horses with sensitive skin, consider shampoos infused with ingredients like lemongrass or tea tree oil, renowned for their soothing properties and ability to repel flies.


  • Ensure thorough rinsing to remove all traces of shampoo residue. If you shampoo your horse a few days before a show, use a light sheet to keep big stains away.


trimming the coronary band with arco trimmers

Tidy up wayward hairs with trimmers or body clippers



Trimming – including the mane and tail


Refine your horse’s appearance by tidying up with trimmers or clippers. This will add an extra sparkle to your show ring presentation. Trim or clip areas post-bath when your horse’s coat is dry and clean.


Focus on the following areas when clipping:


  • Jawline and Cheeks: Address any excess hair growth along the jawline and cheeks by carefully running the clippers downwards to achieve a neat appearance.


  • Bridle Path: Maintain a short bridle path to optimize halter and bridle fit, ensuring comfort for your horse.


  • Fetlocks: Tidy up the fetlocks and lower legs by using downward strokes with the clippers, maintaining uniformity with the body clipping if applicable.


  • Coronary Band: Trim the coronary band to facilitate hoof health monitoring and to promote overall tidiness.


  • Tail: Consider clipping a straight line across the bottom of your horse’s tail to enhance fullness, albeit avoiding this step for naturally thick tails or disciplines favoring a natural tail appearance.


  • Additionally, address any stray hairs around elbows, chestnuts, and ears to achieve a polished look.



grooming oil on a horse after clipping

This freshly clipped horse looks amazing thanks to some grooming oil.


Horse Show Grooming Tips – Finishing Touches


The culmination of your grooming routine involves adding the final touches for an impeccable shine. Embrace grooming oils, sheen sprays, and gloss sprays to accentuate your horse’s radiance.


Utilizing grooming oils as detanglers, muzzle highlighters, and conditioners


  • Grooming oils serve a multifaceted purpose, imparting shine, conditioning the mane and tail, and highlighting specific features such as dark legs, eyes, and noses. Dilute a few capfuls of grooming oil in warm water to sponge onto your horse post-bath, or employ a rag to gently work the oil into the coat.


  • For the mane and tail, apply a small amount of grooming oil to your palm and massage it into the hair strands, gradually adding more as needed. This acts as a mane and tail detangler and helps thick manes and tails stay tangle-free while adding shine.


  • To accentuate dark areas and points on your horse, like their knees and hocks, utilize half a capful of grooming oil and gently rub it onto the coat. Also, use a tiny bit to shine up your horse’s muzzle and face.


For all of the ways to use grooming oil for oil buffing, read this


Applying sheen sprays for horse show shine


  • Sheen sprays offer a convenient solution for enhancing shine while providing detangling properties, making them ideal for tail maintenance. Horse show sheen products impart a subtle shine and render the coat sleek, which is particularly advantageous when executing quartermarks.


  • For horses averse to spray application, consider spraying the product onto a fine brush or finishing brush for indirect application. You may need to avoid the saddle area so your tack doesn’t slip while riding.






Embracing gloss sprays – good for hooves, too


  • Opt for gloss sprays for unparalleled show ring brilliance on the day of the show. Gloss sprays are renowned for transforming your horse’s coat into a reflective, mirror-like surface. Following application, use a soft brush to ensure uniform coverage, paying particular attention to the topline to maximize sunlight reflection.


  • Gloss sprays can also double as hoof polish, further elevating your horse’s overall presentation. Using a hoof pick with an attached brush is handy to clean any dirt from the hooves before applying shine.


  • You can undertake these grooming procedures in the weeks and days leading up to a show to gradually enhance horse show shine. On the day of the event, focus on stain removal and applying the final gloss layer to achieve a show-stopping appearance.



Shine is sometimes harder to see on light-colored horses.


What are the benefits of using horse show shine products?


Using horse show shine products can enhance the horse’s appearance by providing a glossy finish, detangling the mane and tail, repelling dust and dirt, and promoting healthy hair growth. These products also help maintain the horse’s skin health and create a lasting impression in competitions.


Can horse show shine products be used on all coat colors and types?


Yes, horse show shine products are typically formulated to enhance shine on all coat colors and types. Whether your horse has a dark bay coat or a palomino mane, these products work to bring out the natural shine and luster, making your horse stand out in the show ring. You should do a test area to be sure you like the results.



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