Horse Clipping Checklist 


Clipping your horse resembles the meticulousness of painting a room; while the actual clipping may be swift, adequate preparation is key to achieving the best results. Activate your love of lists and follow this horse clipping checklist for the best possible trace clip or body clip for your horse.  


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  • Begin by thoroughly currying and grooming your horse. This initial step effectively removes loose hair, dander, and dirt, facilitating the subsequent bathing process. A swift once-over with a dandy brush further eliminates any debris, with the option of utilizing a horse vacuum for added efficiency. This grooming may seem like “too much”, but there are places on your horse, like the top of their rumps, where the hair is so thick it loves to hold dirt and debris no matter how much water goes over it. 


  • Shampoo your horse using a mild product, focusing on achieving cleanliness rather than addressing specific stains or colorations. Stains meet an untimely end by getting clipped off, so save the purple shampoo for other things. Follow up with a horse hair conditioner if desired, as this helps smooth the hair and ensures the clipper blades glide through the coat without tugging.



A clean horse is a sharply clipped horse!


  • Clip a dry horse. Wet clipping makes your blades bite the dust much faster, and the blade’s teeth will get gummed up and pull at your horse’s coat. Facilitate drying by using a cooler, such as a fleece or wool variant, especially if the weather is cool. Opt for an Irish Knit in warmer conditions to allow for adequate airflow. This step ensures that your horse is thoroughly dry before clipping commences.


Now get your clippers ready!


  • Select the appropriate clippers for your horse’s needs, considering factors such as hair thickness and the desired clipping outcome. Trimmers with a 5-in-1 blade are ideal for precision work and thinner hair, while body clippers with detachable blades are suitable for larger areas and most horses. Shears are best suited for thicker coats.


  • Choose the appropriate blades for your clippers based on how much hair you intend to remain on your horse. Blade numbering indicates the degree of hair removal, with higher numbers denoting more hair removal. Most clipping uses a #10 blade. 


  • Additionally, ensure you have a small brush to clean blades periodically during clipping sessions. Sure, you can use someone’s toothbrush; just be warned revenge is best served cold. Stop every five minutes as you are clipping to clean the blades and prep them with coolant and oil. 


three types of blades detachable, shears, trimmers

Know thine horse clipping tools


  • Utilize clipper coolant to maintain optimal blade performance, reducing heat and preventing blade clogging. Coolant evaporates quickly, so your blades still need lubrication to reduce heat. Follow the coolant with clipper oil to lubricate the blades and minimize friction, wiping away any excess to prevent buildup.


  • Upon completing the clipping process, groom your horse to remove any remaining itchy hair particles. A quick rinse or allowing your horse to roll can also alleviate discomfort from itching.


  • Finish off with a conditioner or grooming oil to enhance the appearance and texture of the newly clipped coat, restoring its shine and smoothness.


  • Most importantly – imperfections in the coat will smooth out over time! It’s okay to look the other way and wear sunglasses for a week or so until the hair evens. If clipping for a show, plan accordingly, aiming to complete the process approximately two weeks beforehand for optimal presentation on the big day. This also gives you some time to curry comb the shine back. 


For the complete guide to body clipping read this! 


Now go forth and checklist your horse clipping!


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