Why do your horse clippers get hot?


Body clipping or trace clipping your horse is a grooming task that some horses need to better their health or comfort. It’s a chore that can be made fast and smooth with a little prep work. But why do your horse clippers get hot?  There are five main reasons your clippers and blades are getting hot: 


pink km10 clippers with clipper blade showing comb and cutter

Those two clipper blade parts – the comb and the cutter – slide and create friction and heat.


Your horse is dirty


  • Dirt, dust, and dander from your horse’s coat and skin get between the two blades of the clippers. The two components move side to side to create friction and heat.


  • That dirt will also come into contact with the teeth of the blades, wearing them down and reducing their cutting power. In other words, the sharp edges will get dull. 

You are using dirty or dull blades


  • Start with clean, oiled, and sharp blades for the smoothest clip. Your clipper blades have a limited number of sharpenings possible before the teeth are too short to be functional, usually one or two sharpenings. Blades should also be free of rust.

up close of clipper blade

Those little teeth need to be sharp and clean.  You can get them sharpened – sometimes. 


It’s time to service your clippers


  • The clipper body also needs attention every once in a while. Hair, dirt, and mystery stuff can get inside the clipper body. Parts do wear out, and a general tune-up helps your clippers last.  


  • Your clippers’ manufacturer can do the service or may be able to recommend an authorized service center in your area.  


More about clipper service here.

Your choice of clipper doesn’t match the coat


  • Using trimmers to body clip a horse will test the resolve of even the best blades. Trimmers are for small areas, touch-ups, creating designs, and tidying up stray hairs. Most trimmers are cordless.


  • Body clippers can handle a horse’s whole body and do the trimming. These practical models can be corded or cordless. 

More details on how to pick the best clippers here


three types of blades detachable, shears, trimmers

Body clippers on the left, trimmers on the right, shears in the middle


You’re not cleaning and oiling every five minutes


  • Your clippers and blades will stay cool if you clean them and oil them every five minutes.  


    • You can use a small brush or a rag to wipe away any hair. You may want to pop the blades off to get any accumulated hair under the blade’s body.  


    • It’s optional to use coolant. If your blades get warm, this spray can knock out some of the heat. Coolant can also loosen any smaller bits of dirt and dander. After spraying your blades, wipe off any excess and loosened dirt. 


    • Your next step is to apply clipper oil. Even if you use coolant, your equipment still needs oil. Coolant does a great job at cooling and cleaning but evaporates quickly.  


    • Some blades and clipper systems, like shears, need oil along the blades’ sides and in the clipper body’s upper area. If you use too much oil, wipe away any excess. 



Now your clipping should be easy! Starting with a clean horse and fresh blades makes body clipping gentle for your horse AND keep your equipment in top shape.  

Read this peachy article for everything you could ever want to know about clipping your horse – start to finish.


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