Change the Drive Tip of Your Clippers 


Imagine, for a moment, that you are in the midst of clipping your horse. You hear some clicking and clacking, or maybe some weird vibration. Or, you notice that your flawless clipper technique is not looking a bit “choppy.” Could it be the drive tip? Yes. Can you change the drive tip of your clippers yourself? Also yes.  ***Also, you may also hear this part called the blade drive.***


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Get acquainted with your horse clippers 


  • Body clippers and blades are relatively simple machines, with a few parts to know.  


  • First, the blades. Each blade has two parts. This is true for shears, detachable blades, and trimmers. The comb portion is stationary and rests against your horse. The cutting side moves side to side, lobbing off the hair that slides in between the teeth of the clipper blades.  


  • A prong-like structure rests in the middle of the blade when you attach the blade. This drive tip converts the motor’s action into the blades’ side-to-side movement.  


  • Sometimes, the drive tip becomes worn. You may notice the edges get worn and rounded. Never fear; it’s easily replaced on your body clippers with detachable blades.  


The drive tip is the white plastic part in the clipper body.  A worn clipper drive tip will have rounded edges. 


When to change the drive tip


  • Before you replace the drive tip, troubleshoot a few other things first.  


  • Is your horse clean? Are your clipper blades free from excess hair, sharp, and oiled? Dirty horses and dirty blades are the usual suspects for less-than-perfect clipping results.  


  • If you can rule that out, ensure the blade is properly attached. Remove the blade, and replace it on the hinge. Then turn your clippers ON before snapping the blade back into its home.  


  • You can change the drive tip if things are still not 100%. Some clipper models have a replacement drive tip included in the packaging. Did you save the directions, too? There will be details about this process in the instructions. But here are the steps just in case the instructions have vanished.  


  • If your clippers did not come with a spare part, you can easily order them online. Ensure the new drive tip is suited for the exact model of your clippers.  


drive tip of a detachable blade horse body clipper also showing the hinge


Steps to replace the drive tip for detachable blades


    • Remove the clipper blade. 
    • Use a small screwdriver to unscrew the housing of the clipper body. 
    • Gently open the clipper body. Do not try and separate both sides of the clipper body. There is a chance that wires attach the two pieces.
    • Remove the drive tip from its post. You may need your screwdriver to work the drive tip along the post. 
    • Pop the new drive tip in.  
    • Press the sides of the clipper back together and tighten the screws. 


Steps to change the drive tip for Power Grip and Stable Pro Plus styles


  • This is somewhat easier, as you don’t need to take the body apart. 


    • Remove the blade. 
    • Using a removal tool, pinch the existing drive tip.
    • Remove the old drive tip.
    • Using the same tool, pop a new drive tip on. 
    • Replace the blade.  


drive tip of a horse clipper with 5 in 1 blade

These trimmers have a metal drive tip that is tiny!


What about the drive tip for trimmers? 


For these smaller models, the drive tip is usually a narrow, metal post that won’t wear out.  


An alternative to replacing this yourself is sending your clippers out for service. You should do this anyway, like an oil change for your car. Most manufacturers also provide maintenance and repairs or can refer you to a certified service center. It’s worth double-checking if using any ol’ repair shop voids the warranty. 

And now you can finish clipping! 



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