Top 18 New Year’s Resolutions for Horse Grooms!


1. I will finally master “hurry up and wait”.


2. I will not secretly plot revenge on the riders when they arrive late, change horses at the last minute, or forget that Grooms need to sleep.


3. I will figure out a way to do 49 things at once instead of the usual 48.


4. I will actually sit down to eat lunch. Every day.


5. I will train the horses to refrain from pooping the second I leave their stall after cleaning it.


6. I will figure out the perfect outfit to wear to work that prevents all footing, bedding, and teenie tiny hay bits from getting into my shoes and/or bra.


7. I will stand up for myself when it comes to being paid legally, having worker’s comp insurance, and having all of the rights that come along with being a legal employee.


8. I will invent the self-cleaning bridle.


9. I will work smarter, not harder, in order to have some semblance of a social life.


groom holding a horse at a show waiting on the grass


10. I will continue to go above and beyond in my daily duties as long as I don’t become a martyr and allow anyone to take advantage of me.


11. My day off will be used to partake in the things that I love to do – horses or otherwise. I will not be sucked back into the barn on this most precious of days.


12. Barn drama will avoid me at all cost.


13. I will think of many many topics for Liv of to write about because I know that she sometimes runs out of ideas and is forced to write boring and not funny articles.


14. I will learn to read the minds of my riders. As we can all agree, we already know how to read the minds of our horses.


15. I will become BFF’s with the Vet and the Farrier so that my knowledge base gets even bigger.


16. I will convince that one weirdo horse that the clippers will not, in fact, eat him alive.

17. I will start a new exercise craze, called “stacking hay”.


18. The creation of the greatest white board organizational barn chart will happen and I will patent the design.