how to find a grooming job

How to find a grooming job in the horse industry!


It’s always amazing to find out from other Grooms how they got their start in the horse world. Everyone has a different story.

If you are looking for a job in the horse industry, one of the first places you can start is at your own barn. Does your trainer need help? Can you volunteer a few hours to shadow one of the Grooms and learn some techniques? Can you start a small braiding or grooming business to help out at shows?



horse groom walking a horse in a cooler at a show


  • Don’t be afraid to ask around, word of mouth is a great way to find a horse job. The horse world is small, some employers prefer to ask around to find barn help instead of posting a bulletin or online advertisement. Talk to your horse friends to see what the scoop is!


  • Another place to start is by volunteering at a therapeutic riding center. These organizations need volunteers to run their programs. You will likely have responsibilities that include grooming and horse care, and you will learn while meeting other horse people and professionals.



groom walking a horse at a horse show

  • Have you thought about asking your Veterinarian or Farrier? Those horse professionals travel all over the area to different barns, chances are, they know when someone is hiring a Groom.


  • If you have a local show circuit, you could also set up your own, small business. Many shows are just weekends, and some are weeks on end. Is there a need for a stall cleaning service at a show? What about braiding, or tack cleaning? I often see enterprising young girls and guys raising pocket money by cleaning bridles and saddles at the shows. Doing this type of job well and professionally can grow into your dream Grooming job, and you are working for yourself.


  • Check-in with your local feed and tack shops, also. Do they have a bulletin board? You could find an ad there – or make your own advertising your services. There are also lots of online horse job resources for you to explore.



What other ideas do you have for finding a Grooming job? Any pearls of wisdom?