groom job description

The Groom’s Job Description!


I started to think about how much time a Groom actually spends Grooming. Not so much! So I compiled the beginnings of a Groom’s Job Description so that aspiring Grooms can have a sense of the responsibilities involved.


  • Cleaning stalls.


  • Providing hay, feed, rations or supplements, and water.


  • Cleaning buckets and tubs used in the feeding process.


  • Grooming, saddling, unsaddling, and bathing horses.


  • Cleaning all horse equipment.


  • Hand walking horses.


  • Lungeing horses.


  • Turning horses into pasture or turnout.


  • Maintaining the barn area – sweeping, washing, and general cleaning.


groom and horse waiting in the holding area of a horse show

There’s also the “hurry up and wait” factor.


  • Laundry of horse gear.


  • Administering medications and appropriate bandaging.


  • First Aid delivery to horses.


  • Following instructions and directions from the trainer, farrier, veterinarian, or other equine care providers.


  • Unloading hay and grain bags.


  • Sneaking some quality time with your favorite horse.


piles of horse show supplies outside of a barn

SOME of the things to put up and take down for shows.


  • Travel to and from horse shows, be it locally, nationally, or internationally.


  • Packing equipment for horse shows.


  • Unpacking equipment at the show grounds, preparing the stall, and acclimating the horse(s) to the new surroundings.


  • Loading and unloading horses from trailers.


  • Flying with horses.


  • Braiding the mane and/or tail for horse shows.


  • Trim a horse’s coat with clippers (face, legs, ears).


  • Totally clip a horse for winter with clippers (entire body).


  • Monitor and maintain the level of feed, hay, and bedding in stock.


  • Ordering supplies when necessary.


  • Handling horses for the veterinarian, farrier, or trainer during medical or other treatments.


  • Farm maintenance and repairs.


  • Working with and operating small and large farm equipment.


  • Handling horses in the breeding shed.


HOLY *$&# – That’s a lot of things aside from Grooming. Perhaps we need a new name??


My question to you is – did I forget anything, and if we could re-name ourselves – what would you like to be called? Executive VP of balancing one million horse tasks at once? That sounds good!

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