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This section is sort of a personal account of my horse experiences, I’ve also thrown in some funny stuff (maybe) and more opinionated pieces.  Anything you want me to write about?  Drop me a line!  Liv at proequinegrooms dot com.

A whole lot of trivia about horses, from speed to their digestive system to sea horses to rhinos and more.
Some silly, and practical, gifts for horse lovers and horses everywhere!
In case you want to decorate your home with horse things, I give you this amazing list.
Easy ways for you to give back to the horse industry. Donate time, expertise, money, even your business skills.
There are definite advantages to keeping horses on the West Coast! Access to trainers, year-round shows, and reduced laminitis risk (no grass!).
When it comes to horse ownership, sometimes boarding is better.
I conducted a short, informal survey about harassment in the horse industry to gauge just how much #metoo is prevalent.
The results and input from participants in the mental health survey that either work in or are involved in the horse industry.
Just before I started my Pro Grooming career, I had to google WEG. This also let me know that my first employer was a three time Olympian! Surprise!
A list of all of the horse horrors I’ve seen over the years, that gave me some hard and fast guidelines about what to do, and not do, with horses. Keep it safe around horses!
There’s a lot to learn from all of the horse disciplines out there. Expand your equestrian mind and try a different saddle!
A sarcastic, yet real, look at how to blow your chances of getting a sponsorship or ambassadorship in the horse industry.
Some tips and ideas on how to make a smooth transition from the barn to any public area!
Almost 10 top habits of international Grooms – easy to duplicate, and now your horse can be cared for just like your favorite superstar horse!
The step by step way that I was able to replace fear with confidence in my horse! I used a clicker, a book, and patience to click the spook out of my horse.
There’s a lot that your own exercise routine can teach you about horses!
A small treatise on why I like to exercise away from the barn, despite how much exercise I get at the barn.
Some ideas on how you can get a job as a Groom – or any job in the horse industry!
A small treatise on why I love a dirty horse!
The top 18 New Year’s Resolutions for Grooms.
When it comes to horses, are best and natural the same thing? I don’t think so!
How to deter a horse that paws in his stall or cross ties.
Sure, most of us know how to pick a stall. Do you know how to do it Backstretch style?
This is the start of a comprehensive job description for a Professional Groom.
Would you like a Grooming job? Here are some ideas on how to get started.