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Pro Groom Kerri shares some great stories and behind the scenes from the 2016 Olympics in Rio!
Pro Groom Kerri’s Road to the Olympics started many moons ago – with a bit of luck, a lot of trust, and a great support system, Kerri shares her journey.
The last qualifying show for the US dressage team in Europe may decide the Olympic Team! Pro Groom Kerri lets us peek behind the scenes.
What’s better than being a Pro Groom in Europe, headed for the Olympics? Down time.
Pro Groom Kerri reporting from Europe on the day to day goings on with the US Dressage Team!
More fun behind the scenes stuff about competing in Europe!
We pick up with Kerri on her arrival in Europe and getting settled. And also a little bit about the food.
Join Pro Groom Kerri on her journey to the Olympics taking care of Rosie!
Loads more info on how herbs, essential oils, and horses can go hand in hand.
A history of herbs and essential oils, and how they can be used for the benefit of your horse!
Some great ideas and guidelines for caring for your new helmet.
Tips and tricks for finding the perfect fitting helmet!