9 Helpful Horse Inventions 


I’m always amazed to discover new ways to simplify the horse care routine. And to be reminded that I am the best inventor of said things AFTER someone else has already done it. Hindsight, right? I use all these handy horse product inventions, some more than others. Most of these horse inventions help my horse, and some help me. It’s a win for everyone. 


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My favorite horse inventions for grooming:


Grooming gloves


These bad boys have long been a staple in my grooming kit. I tossed my various curry combs and now use these gloves for daily curry combing, bathing, and shedding. I’ll never go back *said in a dramatic voice*!

Finishing gloves


I have always loved a good cactus cloth, but now I can wear one. These finishing gloves are jute, a bit softer than cactus cloth. The soft, fleecy side is great for taking off the top layer of dust and applying fly sprays to sensitive areas. The textured side works to smear your horse’s natural shine around and buff out sweat marks. Sensitive horses can also use the textured side as a curry comb. 


double sided finishing gloves for horse grooming



Neat horse things for health care:


Equine Sleeve


At first glance, this is a simple leg wrap. But the oddly gelatinous feeling of these flexible sleeves comes in handy when needing to ice or bandage a knee, hock, or face. It’s no lie that I was hugely skeptical and a bit weirded out, but these sleeves make wrapping legs EASY. There is also a solid style.  


Equine sleeve for legs and hocks

These are the solid and netted Equine Sleeves


Whinny Wellies 


Ask anyone dealing with mud fever if this is the worst thing ever, and they will agree. Whinny Wellies are mud gaiters for your horse, protecting bandages and keeping legs dry and clean. Mud and moisture can be terrible for sensitive horse skin.


winter wellies over a standing wrap

Cover bandages and keep it all dry! These Wellies are from Sox for Horses.


Tick removal gadget


The last thing on this planet I want to touch is a tick. This tick removal tool makes twisting the little monsters off. It’s so easy – no fuss, no muss, no dealing with tweezers.




Nifty equine inventions for turnout and feeding:


Shoofly leggings 


Fly boots are my go-to for sun and fly protection. Stomping is terrible for hooves and joints; UV rays can burn pink skin. These boots are going on their third summer, can be tossed in the washing machine, and stay upright with no tight bands around the leg. 


shoofly legging fly boots


Anti-Houdini breakaway halter


I will never use a halter that is not breakaway; it’s just not safe. But this style is the best for horses that need to wear halters all the time for their grazing muzzle. The face strap prevents a horse from flipping the basket under its chin, and the adjustable T strap for the throat latch keeps everything in place.  


greenguard equine halter for grazing muzzle under the throat latch

This is under the throat latch, and the metal buckle slide for the best fit of this halter.


Slow feeder for pellets and grains


Hay nets and bags are SUPER for helping your horse nibble all day. Slow feeders for pellets do the same thing for grains and other bagged feeds. These are tricky for adding water to meals, but in theory, there are smaller bits, with much chewing, adding more saliva.  


slow feeder for horse pellets and grains

This slow feeder is hard to find now, but other styles are available. 


And one for us: 


Cute t-shirts


I am in AWE of the horse lovers that can fuse their passion for horses into fun things for us to wear – well done!  


herd of zebras t-shirt

This fun shirt is from Herd of Zebras





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